Dear Members,

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with the Premier of NSW, Mr. Mike Baird, to discuss our concerns with respect to the proposed marina development adjacent to the Club.Upon explanation of the situation the Premier indicated he could understand our concerns particularly from a safety aspect with respect to our senior and junior sailors. Amongst other ideas, which I have already acted on, the Premier suggested the Club and its membership should redouble its efforts in contacting Mosman Council and expressing our concerns and objections to the proposed marina. There is no time limit on acceptance of submissions by Council up to the date of determination of the matter.

With a determination of the D.A set for mid November 2014 I am asking those members who are yet to write to Council to please do so as a matter of urgency expressing our concerns over safety and loss of amenity. At present there are some 90 objections posted to the Mosman Council website and the Premier suggested we should shoot for 500! With our membership of 1800 this number, in fact, is not unachievable if everyone makes the effort and I implore you to do so.
If you are yet to view the Development Application, or wish to object via Council’s website, simply go to the Mosman Council D.A Tracker, easily found by using Google, and entering 235 Spit Rd into the search field. Then simply click on documents to view everything or “comment” directly to the Town Planner.
Once again, I cannot stress how important it is that the entire membership gets behind this issue as it would be a tragedy for the proposal to succeed as it would change the Club as we know it forever.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Tinworth – President