It is almost warmer in the Club cool room at the moment but in 6 weeks time we will be dragging the skiffs out of the boatshed  for the first race of the season.

Hold on, DRAGGING?  No way!  We will be lifting and gently placing the skiffs on Tinny’s Big Deck. The first person to put a scratch in the new deck is buying everyone a drink after the race (or maybe even before).

So all you Skiffies it is time to:

* think about getting fit  (I only said think about it!)
* try to remember all those repairs you promised to get done over winter
* order that extra thick wetsuit, beanie, gloves, booties..  and for after the race… dencorub/tiger balm
* make sure you still have some mates who haven’t found something better to do every Saturday afternoon through summer
* tell the family/partner that it is that time of the year again…. your weekly “not so holy” afternoon of obligation!
* ……..

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and add to our list by posting a comment (just remember we are a family friendly club)….

MH16SC Racing Calendar 2015-2016 v1