Dear Hibernating Skiff Sailors,


Missing your weekly dose of salt water, beer and bs…… Here is your chance for a quick fix before the depths of winter set in!


On Saturday 5th of May we will be holding a fun marathon race. Details will depend on the weather but if all goes according to plan we will have a 2pm start off the Club to race down the harbour, around an island or two and return for a finish at the Club – briefing on the deck about 1.30pm. First prize is a case of beer, second two six packs and third one six pack. Food will be provided after the race (probably a simple BBQ down stairs but details being finalised).


PS: Last year Tinny delivered some “on water” refreshments to help keep crew’s hydrated….you just had to make sure not to get hit in the head as the under arm bowling wasn’t always on target!


PPS: The prizes will be delivered COLD and are not expected to make it home as we know how you all like to share!


PPPS: It is still way to warm to be hibernating….come on out and have some fun!