Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club is looking assist a crew into the exciting world of skiff racing with a good quality 16’ and a special low-cost entry!


Only $4,000 and your ready to race with:

  • 16’ SKIFF x-OLIVER HIRE (Stiff dry hull, Carbon 1 Rig & Alumin 2 Rig, full set of truflo sails in v. good condition plus spares, foils and all the other gear needed to race
  • Shed Rent for 2019/20 Season (normally $785)
  • Race Entry/Sponsorship Fee or 2019/20 Season (normally $500)



Participation in 70% of club races to be eligible for prize money!

Commitment of two seasons racing at the Club with a $1K boat buy back if not fulfilled.



All sailors must become 16ft Skiff Sailing Members

As owner of the skiff you are responsible for insurance, maintenance & repairs.

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